We provide spiritual based and spirit lead services to heal , empower , and inspire the best version of you.

Spiritual consultation :  A consultation designed to assess and identify your spiritual needs and help you on your spiritual path regardless of where you currently stand and what faith you practice.

Holistic healing consultation : This is a service we provide for those who would like to embark on a natural healing journey and are interested in using herbs to aid in their healing. During this service we discuss physical un-alignments and illnesses you are experiencing and provide you with herbal recommendations as healing alternatives.

Disclosure : We are not medical professionals and do not treat , diagnose , or cure any illness or diseases!

Duration of service 45 mins price $111.11 USD

General Tarot reading :  a Tarot based reading that touches all aspects of one’s life past , present , and future. This reading is intensive and each card is thoroughly explained. This reading is best for those who want to know a bit of everything and would like to hear what spirit has to say.

Duration of service One hour : Cost $80.11 USD

Duration of service 30 Mins: Cost $65.11 USD

Love Reading : This reading is all about matters of the heart ! During love readings we speak on what is happening in your love life and focus on the heart space. It is ideal for those who want to know more about their love life , have  questions pertaining to a lover or lovers , want to know the current state of their relationship(s) and would like to know what’s to come.

Duration of service One hour :Cost  $77.77 USD

Duration of service 30 Mins : Cost $55.11  USD

Birthday reading / Year overlook reading : This reading is recommended to get on one's birthday or and for the new year. This reading provides one with an overview and insight of what their year will be like and what to expect. This service is extensive and very detailed. The duration of this service is 1 hour and 15 mins so please plan accordingly .

Duration of service : 75 minutes $ 255.55

Meeting with Ancestors : This is a mediumship service provided for anyone who would like to connect with a loved one or loved ones who are longer here in the physical realm. This service is done in a ceremonial style and pays tribute to the  ancestor as well as connectivity with the spirit.